Friday, October 13, 2006

Deranged conspicuous leers fester bold drippings as the laser of wire rips thoughts, or lean and indentured clinging.

Such trepidations permit the long tubes to manifest which allow access of the larval compass to the Numianl stumps.

Which possess us.

The insect brim and wedding procession is performed through the current of the host’s vision as fondness of ones own existence of childhood.

Commemorated in slippage the larval Numina discredited the criminality of the host. He slumps at the wheel.

Long blossoms like red train tracks appear out of the hosts skull and other orifices. These mark the official egress of the holy procession.

Who so beckons, let the tides and their ship worms enhance and thereby consume. The trip wires extend from the palace and its whirling. Obey.



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