Tuesday, April 03, 2007

[Raffled Complex]

The sold solo come this plenty

to purchase perchance some factory

or bed,

the noise, rich, right

constricting as the smelter, swiftly

buried burdens

Over-soul of amplitude, up, up.

Tide and golden effluvia,

remember the leftovers, on the side


to one two sweetness episodes

lonely carpets, Carpathians murder-

rich leathers and lost-at-seas

such perfect tensions, the wires,

razor banquets

and lonely, lone

symmetricals out there:



Glances and ricochets

forced faces recoil

from the array

One charge undone

too quick and banknoted

blur the singular scaffold

And then you mend

this fracture

on your own.

See? ream, patch, square

and strata

The encyclopedia also is adrift

in its own encryption.

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