Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Velvet Paranoia

Boy, you’re all really out to get me, aren’t you?

I know because of the velvet serpentine a river

would make, if there were enough rain to make

a river. I know you’re out to get me because if

you weren’t you’d bake me a red velvet cake.

Which is a favorite of dock workers & their stolen

nights. Come to think of it, that hook they use

to pull packages, the one Brando laces across

his shoulder when he bunges up the courage to

go back to work at the end of On the Waterfront,

THAT kind of leisurely gaff, that’s also how I know

you’re out to get me. The bent needle stitching

together the two velvety halves of flesh inside

my wound. The wound you made trying to get me.


1 comment:

clayb said...

gotta sharpen that gaffer up first