Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ten Factors Of the Nervous

I have been endowed to investigate

One biting overture to the Complaint, in G-minor.

Meanwhile there is a saw in a back room sharpening

Two harmless obituaries to eye-teeth.

After eyeing them up and down you aggressively frisk

Three baskets filled with crumbled visionaries of the Baroque (On special).

Due to the high tensile quality of your project,

Four robot hypnotists are arc-welding in underpants.

Because the permanence of things can’t be fixed,

Five normal people play catch-up with a screwdriver.

Because it is useless to parry the paradox we are taking

Six new bong hits of the apocalypse.

No nomadic experience would be complete without Mssr. Jittery’s

Seven near miss air-collisions of the renaissance.

The children, in educated postures, are investigating

Eight high dollar colostomies from the Paleolithic period.

While the Roman statue disproves the virtue of sword point enemas with

Nine obvious testimonies to the failure of this hill (this one).

An over zealous and smeary cavity search which leaves

Ten permanent mausoleum quality scars.

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