Monday, October 08, 2007


Super Fang

I fang. Does the tiny shoe fest? Duh.
Who let the dogs out? I’m good as
Superman’s boating accident whereby
The nun’s super strength contorted
Us through black hole’s dinner guest.
You fang. No joke. It’s a contusion
Likely to fish as dam this time I caught
A hyperbaric bonfire: the palates, THE
PALATES poured gas on the memory
Of all our mothers, she collecting
To light her fumes but it was a third
Degree memory, one fang in, one out.
We fang more efficiently crossing
Cooling the dogs with a saucy squelch.

Zanna excellent Zanna

The very small shoe plus fest? Duh.
Who they have the dogs left?
I am well as an incident of canottaggio
of super man for which the excellent
capacitance of contorted nun our I
the host of breakfast of the black
breach oversteek. You zanna.
None scherts I. He is a contusion
probable poiche the dam fish
these me aims have intervened
fé hyperbarique of to: the palates,
the PALATES have paid the gas
on the memory of already our mothers,
they that he for lu brings together
a steam explain but she was a third
memory of degree, zanna in, outside.
We zanna which more effectively
cross by cooling down
saucy the dogs with squelch.


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