Thursday, August 31, 2006


I was running erands, I was running out of time. I heard the sirens and looked for the trucks, the EMS. I went up monument and hung it over onto Belmont, I noticed the sirens hadn't stopped. I realized they were everywhere, or from one place very loud. They weren't trucks they were something else, something bad was happening. I didn't remember falling but I woke up at the foot of the stairs. I thought I had dropped the baby, the baby wouldn't stop crying. The baby saw something out in the hall which scared her. I thought there was something in the house, something down at the dark end of the long hall. I held the baby against me, she sobbed into my chest. I remembered the phone ringing, no it hadn't rang yet. The phone was going to ring with news of some bad thing, from someone else, someone that had died. I drove the truck through the woods, over the tracks and saw the man lying next to the rail. I stopped, no one else had stopped. He was bent at the waist. I thought his chest might be breathing, then it wasn't. Then he was standing and turned to look at me. I heard the sound I couldn't identify. It filled the woods. I left it there to make it's own noise.
The rhinoceros in the void, the piercing void charging, the feet at the end of my legs which carry me. My pickup truck and my son next to me in it. The music playing on the radio and we are quiet together. The thing making the high pitched siren noise, the thing that won't stop. The person who comes around when I sleep. The cave in the side of the mouintain with the cold stream piercing it. The horse that fell into the pit. The men dragging it out with ropes. The thousands of cobbels that roll under me on Monument. The bricks, the acres of bricks flying past. The unidentifiable music of bricks.

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Unwound, Scarlette, Kill Rock Stars