Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Arnold Gargle

Jab with the elbow spear in the gladiator’s den.

Look down yon purple heart, the snake eats its way

into the governor’s seat. Ha Ha, your little tie amuses me.

There were script problems from the start.

Dousing the snake women with their master’s blood.

Maria, I’ll be in the car.

Here is the Q-tip used to kill Ross Perot. Yes, the serpent’s

minion is a puny man. Hammer of rock legends,

Hammer of Iron Maiden’s youthful penny, hammer

of Folk metal pining against glam.

Conan Vs. Vince Neil. The stars will shatter into

tax relief. Witness X, the mother-core, on the run

from the wolf pack. What is the secret of steel?

Drive big ones, smoke big ones. remember when I said

I’d eat you laugh. Last, Latvian Hammer of

through-chest. Gods of pretty men, we salute you.

Conan’s gargle. Heave the gigantic pot of your argument,

the arms, the limbs of it, upon the gathered wretched.

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