Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bonnet. Horror. Betrothal.

Introductions: before we bury the bridge,

Here the plume of overbite, rehearsing the break,

Meet the fair-weather concrete in the dam.

You’re both so high and mighty.

Still, free from the stick, this Rough shapes

The new broken bones.

On the down-hunt, we meet caverns, tomb-ly,

Roach havens who burn their headless

Corpses at both ends.

Meticulous informant. Superfluous detergent,

Blood stains reign mightily

Upon the tunnel entrance, the wedge of dark

Buried under the overpass & heading

To the parking lot beside the river. Each river,

Each parking lot a proving ground to youth.

Squeamish drill, the great chain of credit

Admonishes us to heave, broken teeth to

Rotting livers, mind the grates, the wretched

Fingers slick out, slick out. To nervous jiggling.

Scourge wrapped tinkle, breach the deviant till

The children ask amnesty to this That, literally:

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