Friday, June 01, 2007

The Descending Crown

Vita Ordinariurm. The pond is a philandering bowtie.

The gorse is in tails, luminous as drought,

our drought, ever after the dust rising.

& through perennial elongations like an elephant’s

family tree, the destitute pond turtle

turns to asphalt marching out across

the television. While also Bees, lost to target,

stretch their missiles, here the text is central

because of the cellular waves that hatch

miscues to the bumbles & hornets, reruns

of Edens, where the Holy Billing Statement (HBS)

shuns man & and his ungainly flightless

carnivores. Now what the thunder says

is sailing down into rebroadcast.

As the tires wheel round, the pond is dry,

the turtle levies his flipper in prayerful

plea. The Holy-Holy comes down on him.

He is ordained in a shatter of retread.

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