Saturday, March 15, 2008

On the Phone

Prof. Snodgrass: Oh this says it's buy one, get one....

Me: What?

Prof. Snodgrass: Mashed Potatoes.

Me: In a box?

Prof. Snodgrass: In a tub. I want to hear no derision on the subject.

Me: So are you getting the tacos? That's like six different stops. You gotta get the meat, the shells...

Prof. Snodgrass: Yeah, you gotta get the little packets..

Me: You don't do the meat with salsa and taco sauce?

Prof. Snodgrass: No

Me: You're kidding me. The little packets?

Prof. Snodgrass: Listen, Truckstop, I know it ain't Pimento cheese sandwiches or anything.

Me: "Truckstop." That's nice.

So later I sent him a text message: "Tubbed-Tater Eating Pennsyl-tucky Chicken-fucker". To which he responded: "I weep like Dave Mustane."


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