Saturday, March 15, 2008

Be Good

They told me that an emotion is proceeded by a thought,
And in this way, if I thought right, I could begin to feel better.
They told me that I had to change my mind in order to survive.

Thus I am currently of the mind that the citizens of this world
Are not out to consume me.

Yesterday there was a service for one of our sisters that fell along the way.
Her father told us that an experience in childhood had fractured her personality,
So that later, as an adult, her mind would attack her almost daily.

I wasn't going, I needed money. It so happened it was held in a church
The next block over from where I'm working, I came back from lunch
And recognized everyone on the street, they were in suits and nice dresses.
I walked up to the church in my two days worth of sawdust.

I hadn't planned on going. In my mind, if she'd had a big event
I would go and wish her well, but in this case it wasn't necessary.
She wouldn't be there. She'd already moved on.


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