Tuesday, September 25, 2007


A man has the unique ability to turn his heart to stone. Therefore
He is most suited to kill an animal, dismantle a friendship or to break the heart
Of his two year old child by telling her, You may have no more milk.
I am taking your mother back to me. It is enough. Holding her all night
While she cries like an animal wounded to it's center. Hoping
He knows the mind of his child well enough that this will make her strong
And brave. That what he does is right. That he knows his own mind
Well enough.

There is damage enough to be had by fathers, or to be dealt.
Calamitous minds of others to be shut out from home,
The calamitous house to be mended. Tidied and straightened
Before bed. Trouble enough to be kept away, forgotten, or forgiven.
There are the hidden gifts locked inside a child's hand, delicate
Like a child's hand. There is the sleeping hand to be held in your sleeping hand.

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