Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Training the Many Fisted Borzoi

One: ample exit room is required, clean

All oil cans and remove bloody rags

Before proceeding with the cavity search.

Two: De-claw all relatives. The family

Is a neat place to die but none I think

Do there meat pie. Get your house

In order. Through fire is recommended.

Three: Get your louse in order. The louse

Is best caught with the bones of fingertips.

Peel back the skin. Try it with teeth, fun

For the whole family.

Once you have prepared the Borzoi, you

May begin with the fisting. Lubricate

The hallway with blood. Cram a cadre

Of toxic friends into plastic bags and

Shove them through the opening.

All the rest is teeth, glorious teeth.


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