Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pan Am Discard

And shudder the unblocking which unfastens such

Like the mythical cubes of frozen urine in blue

Couched which fall upon the heads of suburban

Men as long as they search the sky for fruits

Of their unblemished faith in the congruous

Quality of the king, here Elvis means, whose

Belted rhinestoned girth-some tract of be-quivering

And famed flesh enshrined by goat’s head Fire is.

Thus the evolution of a creature who, hid

In shades of loathsome and purchasable

Products, couched also all in black-hoods, these

Continental spires still can burn and stand.

So the error erodes its pearly spines

Which you need shame yourself thereof

To entertain that lack of longing flared

Of pained edge-eyed sheets stained, their worth.


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