Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Shaved Survivalist

If you’re worried about the world turning zombified,

By which means we will discuss later,

Then who better to rescue you, us all than Mila Jovavich

Her perfectly un-perplexed facial recollections

Administer to faces everywhere worn with neglect

The fear of decay. Plus what other evidence of her

Messianic perfection than that despite the end of civilization

And her rampant dezombification policies

Of the newly uncivilized imagination of the post

You and me world, what it takes to fill the imagination

Up with a world less human and thus zombied

The fear of zombies being the manifestation

Of a multiple human forms of social degeneration

Finding face, or facelessness, in human hunger

For self redemption, that is self inflicted vengeance,

We brought it on ourselves people, the homely

Priest or insightful scientist calls out from the rooftop

Or over the lab radio to undignified ambivalence,

Thus the princess arms herself with heavy guns

And low cut American blood lust, blood being

The price of virgins, of innocent thinking or simple

Complexity, the world confusingly balanced upon

Fingers pulling triggers or pointing to the kindred

Leftovers of us wandering amongst the eaters

Without aprons or gibbets. Who better, then the holy

Mother, Mila Jehovah-vich, her physical vengeance

And insurmountability un-complicating the hatchet

Or bow and arrow sequence, the blow it all up hot

Attitude which threatens to save us all. We know she

Is perfectly suited to beat the teeth, to show us how to

Get back to the shopping mall after the credits roll

Because despite the length of civil decay, the evidence

Of zombie hoards beating at the fence, of desert mouth

Brigades tempting staunch perfumes, she can perform

The ritual of cleanliness because she is the only survivor

Yet who maintains her make up and shaved quality.


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